Affiliatd to CBSE Delhi No. 930821
School Code 42364
Nadvath Nagar P.O, Alappuzha(Dist) , Kerala,  Pin:688526
Ph : +91 8301056935 , 0478-2872443, 0478-2874335

About us


Nadvathul Islam English School was started on 1, April 1996 with a strength of 134 children under the aegis of Nadvathul Islam(Regd), Vaduthala with an object of imparting high standard of education to rural children who lack proper guidance and support. Highly motivated and competent teachers have been appointed to train the children to speak and write correct and cogent English. The school, in a short span of time became a household name and attracted hundred of children’s fro neighborhood.

The Management Committee

The School is managed by eminent trustworthy and selfish-less Personalities who Posses high level of modern as well as religious education. The Person in the helm Watch, Supervise and guide the running of the school in the right way, keeping in their mind the broad objectives and visions of coming generation. They earnestly Strive for the harmonious blend of moral as well as modern education in its exquisite beauty.


Governing Body

President Janab V I Sherif
Secretory Ubaidu Rehman Bin Ahammed
Manager Janab Muhammed Kunju U M
Treasurer Janab Abdul Jabbar V M


PTA General Body Meeting was held on 1st Sep 2018. Mr. Sunil Kumar has been selected as the PTA President. Eleven executive members were also selected, 8  from the parent side and 3 from teachers side.


Student Strength(Academic Year 2017-2018)

X A 13 9 22
IX A 12 14 26
VIII A 11 13 24
VII A 17 13 30
VII B 14 13 27
VI A 11 16 27
VI B 14 15 29
V A 11 16 27
V B 10 16 26
IV A 11 15 26
IV B 9 17 26
IV C 13 13 26
IV C 13 13 26
III A 14 15 29
III B 12 17 29
III C 10 18 29
II A 14 17 31
II B 12 17 19
I A 16 17 33
I B 20 12 32
UKG A 16 21 39
UKG B 14 21 35
LKG A 12 17 29
LKG B 10 9 19
PLAY 6 4 10
Total Students 647

About the School

The School aims at imparting quality education through the medium of English inaccordance with the rules and regulation of Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

The School has classes from LKG to Xth Standard, Comprising both girls and boys. Now we have 685 talented students our approach is learner centred,activity based and experimental learning. There are many opportunities to students to update their emotional, quotient, spiritual quotient and multiple intelligence.

As a part of charity, the School decided to give fee concession to the eligible Students. The total fee concession is Rs. 50000/-. At Present 27 Students are the beneficiaries of this programme.

This academic year we have 685 students from LKG to Xth Standard .There are forty faculties, three office staff, seven care takers, and Six drivers.

PTA General Body Meeting was held on 3rd September 2013. Mr. P.M Subair has been selected as the PTA President 12 Executive members were also selected 8 from parents side and 4, from teachers side.

The environment is free from pollution like vehicular traffic and garbage. Different kinds of trees such as coconut tree, tamarind, bamboo and shady trees like badam, teak and long stretches of paddy field give a cool and pleasant atmosphere. The management, students and members of the staff praise the natural beauty and protect and preserve the trees plants. In short, Nadvathul Islam English School Nadvath Nagar is school with difference – pupils with character , integrity, good values and positive attitudes. Our educational endeavors aims at forming leaders who are intellectually competent, spiritually mature, morally upright, psychologically integrated, physically healthy and socially acceptable, who will champion the cause of justice, love, truth, peace and who are ever open to further growth.



Welcome to the new academic year
Our school has achieved positive results in academic and extra curricular activities for the last year. I expect the co-operation from the parents, students, teachers, and all well-wishers for the coming years also.

Remeena P A



ITEM Number
Total number of teachers(All classes) 37
TGTs 9
PETs 1
CTET/TET qualified teachers 0
PGTs 0
PRTs 20
Non Teaching Staff 8
Training attended by teachers since last year 6


Faculty Details

Social Science
Phisical Education

Sumitha Bahu C
Rameena P A
Remya T R
Rajalekshmi P N
Della George


Saridevi V S
Mridula Krishnan



Sulochana P K
Sunitha N Nair

Social Science

Vijitha K Nambyar
Sumayya Sathar
Steffy Esther


Indu R
Sumisha A M
Divya Anil


Smitha Ramachandran
Suriyya N A
Shajna Majeed
Anitha S


Remya Raj


Lubana N A

Phisical Education

Mr.Kiran S


Hyrunnisa TA
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